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Did you know that Thrift Shop work group hours during the 2021-22 school year earned us over $19,500?!

Thrift Shop is the BIGGEST fundraiser for PES, but only if we have volunteers showing up for workgroups!

What does a "workgroup" mean? What do you do during a workgroup?

Workgroups start at 5pm or 6pm at the Thrift Store in Pittsboro.  The Supervisor will have a paper issued by the Store Manager at the beginning of the shift which will include the tasks that the Manager needs done that particular night/work session.  Most evenings include a variety of tasks including either adding or dropping particular items in the store. "Dropping" means to clear the racks/shelves.

The most common task that we are asked to do is"elf".  Elfing looks a lot like shopping!  You simply work your way down the rows of the store and straighten the hangers/items so that the racks look orderly. Sometimes an item is only hanging on by half the hanger, sometimes an item is strewn over the top of the rack instead of hung, sometimes has dropped to the floor etc.  Elfing just straightens the racks to get them ready for the store to open the next day.

We also perform minor cleaning tasks if we finish all of the tasks listed by the Manager.  This includes dusting, glass cleaning and sweeping.

The shift is actually fun in that those working in the store are able to chat and socialize while doing their tasks.  It's a great way to get to hang out with and meet other parents.

You also get 50% off any clothes or books that you buy that evening!

Sound like something you could help with?!


Sign-up for our September, October, and November work groups!


Grab a couple friends and spend 2 hours earning money for our school.

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